About to Organization

D.Pharma or Diploma in Pharmacy is an undergraduate Diploma Course in the medical field of Pharmacy. Pharmacy is a medical field involved in the preparation, dispensing and appropriate use of medication meant of therapeutic purposes.

Faculty of Pharmacy aims to inspire intellectual passion, curiosity and an enterprising spirit to install self directed and adaptability to rapidly changing global economy. It is well equipped with latest equipments and highly qualified and dedicated staff.
Department of Pharmacy of the institute has succeeded to establish its national image in short span of time due to its high academic standard and strict discipline. It provides instructions to students from all over the country leading to (D.Pharma) Diploma in Pharmacy.

Our aims to providing quality education in the fields of sciences, humanities & social sciences, medical, dental, paramedical, engineering and management, architecture, etc by establishing and management, architecture, etc by establishing appropriate infrastructure suitable to spread the higher education(HE), vocational education & training (VET) and industry specific employment oriented programmes for the development of trained manpower at various levels enabling overall growth of sikkim, and also, help india in establishing global of sikkim, and also help india in establishing global linkages as supplier as trained human resources across the world .